The Backyard Farm girl – Monday Motivation

Hey Backyard Farm Girls,

Today is the day that you’ll take that first uncomfortable step forward to realizing your dreams! Repeat that in your head a few times “Today I am going to do something uncomfortable….today I am going to do something uncomfortable even if I fail.”   Every  one of us wants to live the dream, but it’s only those willing to take the risk that will ever live the dream.  The reality is, depending on what your dreams are you may fail.  But what is failure? Is failure not succeeding the first time? Or is failure not trying at all?  Failure is good.  Failure does not define you as a person.  Failure let’s you know what doesn’t work.

Taking that step is always going to be uncomfortable, because you are leaving the “known” and walking into the “unknown”.  The “known” is the crutch that is hindering you.  You’ll never put your best foot forward as long as you have that to fall back on.  When you remove the known, you will start to think differently.  You’ll come up with solutions, you’ll be forced to make it work.  You’ll think creatively, you’ll work harder than you ever have and you’ll succeed more than you ever thought you could. I just know it!

Last week, I met a lady named Rene who shared her heartwarming story with me.  It’s this kind of connection that I will never forget and what she said to me made me really stop and think about how simple changes can have a big impact on your outlook on life and the theme of this Monday Motivation post.

What’s that one thing that is stopping you from reaching your goals?  Remember, you’re only one uncomfortable step away from reaching your dreams……




    • admin says

      Awww.. Thank you Renee! I am so glad that we met as you’re story inspired ME to even begin a Monday Motivation! I wish you all the love and success in everything you do! Please KEEP IN TOUCH!

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