Monday Motivation – Visualize, Make a Plan and FAIL to Succeed!


Happy Monday Backyard Farm Girls!!

It’s a brand new day, a brand new week and time to think positive! WHAT? Monday? You don’t like Monday? Well…girlfriend, It’s time to change that attitude!

Last week, I said that your “dream is only one UNCOMFORTABLE step away”. (watch video here)  Are you going to let ONE ….Uncomfortable step get in the way of your success? I’m not!

Sometimes, the hardest thing do to is to just START….take the step…do something.  For some reason, we justify why we can’t…..we think of the negative and what we don’t allow ourselves to focus on are all the GREAT things we are missing out on.  Success requires EFFORT and determination.

Case in point, my small dream is to be skinny.  We all dream of a great body and to keep it realistic, I don’t work out, I’m not 20 anymore….I get it….and that’s why I justified to myself that it was okay to weigh 169 lbs.  We’re told all the time that we should “Love the skin your in”.  It’s okay to be overweight….yadda….yadda…yadda, blah, blah, blah.  I believed it, no, actually I tried to “MAKE” myself believe it, because that didn’t require effort.  The fact is, it’s NOT healthy to be overweight, it just isn’t.  Don’t send me hate mail for saying that either.  Your doctor will tell you…and I will tell you….I told myself.  I didn’t like me.  So, one day, I made up my mind to do something different.

Instead of focusing on all the things I would be giving up, I focused on the positive effects that would happen when I lost weight.  My blood pressure dropped, I will have energy, I will sleep better, I will handle stress better, I will look better, I will feel better.  That made it easier to give up, some of those things that I loved that were not healthy – goodbye Dr. Pepper and cookies….

I am down 20lbs, I’m halfway there.  I have had bumps, failures and times where I just wanted to give up.  For the most part, I’ve stayed on plan and when I didn’t, I made myself aware and I got right back on plan.  I didn’t beat myself up, I just said, I’m a work in continual progress.  I reward myself in small ways.  I don’t eat bread but there are times when I want a muffin.  I eat a muffin, I just don’t eat 6 and I don’t eat them every day.  I want a cookie? I have ONE cookie, but I don’t have them every day, week or month.  When I fail, I try to determine why I failed.  Was it a stressful week? Am I hormonal? When I identify the source, it makes it easier to see those “triggers” coming and avoid them all together.

So, your backyard farmgirl homework for the week?  Get a journal.  Write down one small goal that you can attain. Visualize it, get a clear picture in your mind and if you have to, cut out pictures from a magazine and glue them in your journal.  Make a plan.  What is the ONE thing you can do to start? Starting is success, day by day keeping on plan is success.

Share your challenges and your successes with me.  We’re all in this together farmgirls…let’s support each other and win together!


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