Becoming the backyard farmgirl – it’s a journey and a lifestyle.

I kinda surprise myself when it comes to all the things I do, that I never dreamed I would do, like hunt….or grow a massive garden….or forage for mushrooms.  There was a time when I would literally turn my nose up to organic this and organic that, I’d say, really? What’s the point, we breathe poluted air and probably drink poluted water.  However, the point is how you feel and the satisfaction you get from eating healthy, knowing what it takes to grow something or re-living the adventure when you find wild edibles.

backyard farm girl

Truth is,  I kinda let myself go.  I didn’t care, I let myself go in a lot of ways, one being my weight, and my eating habits.  I never told myself NO.  That’s not a good thing.  So back in May of this year, I really had to have a serious discussion with myself and get real.  I told myself I had to stop and take control.  I needed to notice what I was doing to myself, how unhappy I was and make a positive change.

It’s not easy to see yourself with flaws, but my happiness and the happiness of my family was at stake.  Quite literally, I was a bear to be around. It began my new me  with weightloss.  I started at the heaviest I had ever been – 167 lbs! Doing the math that is 33 lbs shy of 200.   If you’re reading this and you’re thinking “OMG that’s how much I weigh”  I’m not judging you…this isn’t about you…this is about ME and how I felt.  I was at one time 95lbs soaking wet and in the last 15 years, I’ve gained 67 lbs in 15 years.

I’d like to blame it on my husband’s awesome cooking, but the fact is, there is no one to blame but me.  I have to accept that in the end I’m the one who let myself go.  Cute clothes, lots of makeup, just ain’t going to hide unhappy and fat. I started this blog over a year ago with the goal of journaling all my life’s adventures and everything we do, but I kinda let it go by the way side too.

From making your own soaps, home DIY, gardening, foraging, you name it, it’s going to show up here, the good, the bad and the ugly…but mostly the good.  I hope to inspire you to make a lifestyle change, one small step at a time.  It’s baby steps. Progress is progress – keep pushing foward, set your goal…look through the window and visualize.

Seared Venison Loin with Sauteed Oyster Mushrooms

Seared Venison Loin with Sauteed Oyster Mushrooms

I’m down 16lbs now onward to my goal of 40lbs down.  It’s not easy, I’ve been tempted to give up several times.  It’s hard to pass up the foods you enjoy, but I feel so much better.  I look so much better in my clothes and I’ve lost nearly 22 inches of fat and that’s 3″ off my waist – so no more elastic waistbands for me!.

I hope you follow the journey and learn along with me.  Right now, Dana and I are deep into mushroom hunting. When we first started the only thing we knew about mushrooms were morels.  We always said we would go hunt, but never did until this year.  A huge new world has opened up and we’ve discovered a plethora of edible mushrooms.  It’s something we do together and we enjoy the journey. Today coming home we spotted this white log and had to get a closer look….could it be? Oh yes it was….our very first oyster log harvest….. Share your journey with me in the comments….and enjoy the video!        

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