Backyard BBQ Party – Decorating Idea

You can throw this party together – minus the food prep – in an afternoon.

Hint:  I try to always keep on hand red plates, interesting napkins and white plastic tablecloths from the dollar store on hand for last minute occassions like these.

What you’ll need:

Burlap – about 2 yards

Scraps of coordinating fabric for flowers and leaves

Pockets from jeans



Bamboo skewers

White plastic tablecloths

Red buckets filled with black beans

Red/red checkered plates

Coordinating napkins


Hot glue


Table Runner:  cut burlap into 12″ width by desired length.

Napkin Holders: made from pockets that I collected from old worn out jeans.  Cut the pocket off, cut some circles from coordinating fabric.  Layer the circles together and attach a button and raffia bow with hot glue.

Keep on hand some mini buckets.  I think I picked these up on a year end sale for about a dollar.  Make some circle flowers and glue them onto bamboo skewers.  Poke the skewers down into the bucket filled with beans.  If you need to add a little extra weight add some rocks in the bottom.

I whipped this party up in about 2 hours.

Janies Red Cabbage salad is a favorite of ours – get the recipe here

This happened to be a great day! Not only did we enjoy some AMAZING BBQ with all the fixin’s, I was surprised to learn I was going to be a GRANDMA!

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